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The New Normal in Tornado Protection

         FAQ: Is it strong?

     FAQ: How is it anchored?

     FAQ: Does it breathe?
      FAQ: Exactly how much $

        FAQ: LEED Certification?
      FAQ: Will this calm my nerves!

         FAQ: How fast can I get one?

       FAQ: Good for outdoors?

                                                                                                FAQ: What if no slab?

     FAQ: Is there light inside? 

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Security.     By far the strongest spot in your house--and you're safe and snug inside. 

Order.         You outsmart the storm with a well-conceived and effective plan.  

Peace.        The anxiety is replaced by peace of mind, even with impending darkness.

Calm.          Because there is one place, rather than no place to go, prepared for you in advance.

Gratitude.  You can thank God for security. Whatever the chaos outside, it's what's inside that matters.

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